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Ponytail's Paintball Links

WARPIG: Need *anything* paintball related? Go here...
Texas A&M University Paintball Club: My club I play with; a great group of paintballers!
Paintball Mailorder Resource: Confused by all the mailorder companies? Don't know who to trust? Go here, grasshopper, most definitely go here, he helps us all out...

Alternative Paintball Links

Alternative Paintball's page. Their page is one of the great online stores. Stop by and stockup on all your ass-whupping needs!
Rusty's Paintball Gear You thought you had it all... You were wrong. Check out Rusty's page to see what you were missing....
Tippmann Ordnance Company: All right kids, you wanted a mortar? A _real_ mortar? This place will sell you one. No BS. Go, look, and drool....
Cimmerian's Homepage: Go here!!! These people play like I want to! Take my word for it, this is one cool site!!!
RecBall International You'll need to read it to believe it...

Paintgun links:

F.U.N. supply: A place to check out and buy the TS1 / AT85R probably the coolest paintgun ever made!!
ATS : The makers of the TS1 / AT85R, check out some of their other products as well!
The Unofficial TS1 Select Hompage: Another excellent TS1 / AT85R page with some great FAQs!
Rusty's Paintball Gear:, a very good site for finding "unusual" accesorys for your AT85R
Extreme Sports:, a great site for milsim paintguns....
Palmers Owners Group: A great site to find out about Hurricanes and double-barrel Typhoons!
Fred Olson's semi-auto PGP site: A great site for learning how to make a semi-auto PGP. A little more complex than my plan, but good for reference nonetheless.
The Brute Squad's semi-auto PGP site: No plans for this PGP but some damn good pics!
The Eagle Owner's Group: While I don't like the Eagle 68s flimsiness, these people have put a lot of work into getting the most miles out of this unique gun. More power to them!
The Talon Owner's Group: The poor Talon, so maligned, so often the butt of jokes.... Just don't play against these people and their Talons!
STING: By far, the best Stingray site out there. I admire these people, they aren't afraid to take their guns apart and do odd and wild things to them! Check it out!
Squeegie's New Homepage: Look under "Jenkins Artillery" for a great cannon plan!
Foothills Unabomber's Homepage: A man after my own heart, teaching people how to make simple paintball equipment. Go, check it out, enjoy!
GunFXs Homepage: You have simply got to see what they can do to a VM! Drool, Drool....

Paintball Videogames Links

Quake Paintball! New and improved!: *The* place to download the Quake paintball patch. They're working hard on version 2 as we speak so be patient! If you'd like to read a press release about it click here:
Go here:for a new online paintball game! It's webased, so no downloads...
Jaeger's paintball game: An interesting turn-based paintball game, go and sign up for a session.
Another Paintball Web Game: Pretty hefty download times, I'd avoid it. It seems to be Java based.

And the recipient of the Ponytail "Balls to the Wall" Award goes to this young lass. I would like to note this is her first game she ever played, at 1995's Operation Hobble. Up to her neck in this creek, fighting off 3 attackers, while defending the gunboat! Now that's Balls! Top that gentlemen! I'd like to thank Tyger for providing this shot, make sure to check out his den!

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